"that's my favorite part, to rewind my life on"        -willie nelson

Life is fleeting. 

We don't always see how quickly it's moving when we're stuck in the daily grind...but it's moving. Life is changing all around us. What's sure today can't be promised tomorrow. Sometimes I embrace the changes life brings. Sometimes I grieve them. Either way, I want to remember them...

My name is Mackenzie.  I am a photographer/memory-keeper based out of rural Alabama. I am a wife to one hardworking, bearded, man and mother to four, wild and wonderful, daughters. We are cultivating life and creating memories on our small farm in Alabama. My life isn't glamorous (did I mention we also have pet pigs?), my house is rarely clean and my kids usually have on mismatched clothes they've picked out themselves... but it's my life, it's beautiful and it's worth remembering. So is yours...

I would love to help you document your life, your family, your love...and all the little details you never want to forget.



 Country Living Magazine, July/August 2017 Issue

Click Magazine, Nov/December 2018 Issue